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The Virtual Picture of you online!

Posted by Carlos Cardo on Dec 5, 2019 in News

Who are you online?


Have you seen the Virtual Online YOU? Here it is, this is the Virtual Online You!

Thinking of buying or selling a home? Banks, Lenders, and yes Real Estate Agents may know that. They may know more than that...Who are you online


Moving into a new neighborhood or city and you wonder about people and people wonder about you, so what do people do? They look on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Nextdoor and many others. This is great isn’t it, or is it?


Be careful as your postings on these sites may have social, financial and legal implications. These sites may come across as helpful or authoritative or a way of sharing but they are so much more. There is the positive side, a chance to network, get to know someone, learn more about your local area, products and so on.


Then there is the negative side which we do not think of often. We normally do not like strangers or the “authorities” asking us questions especially the personal ones without a court order or subpoena, but they do not really have to get permission if the information they seek has been provided online freely by you! Your information that you provided combined with information about you others provided can be used by marketers, neighbors, social groups, other private groups and may be used in legal matters.


When you fill out a hotel survey, for example, they know how many people travel with you, your likes/dislikes, choice of payments, duration of stay, type of stay, then again sams club/bjs/cosco, for example, know exactly what you have ever purchased there, and credit card companies know your tendencies. Telemarketing companies pay for all this information, then combine that with all of the social media sites and the same with all of your family member’s data they have provided, and can probably tell you’re your preferences better than you can.


This information that you, your connected family and friends have given FREELY is used to build a profile of who you are and how you think. Posts about you and your posts are building an online “YOU”.  Companies pay for your information and along with massive computer algorithm programs search the internet for more of your info, compile all that information, build your online profile, that is used to predict your behavior and then sells that info to Telemarketers.


Think of someone approaching you in your time of weakness or need with the answer or a solution to your need based on their products, services or THEIR needs. They can influence you! You may think it was God sent, well, was it?


When it comes to business choices, legal issues, friends, neighbors, politics, buying choices it will be like playing a poker game and they know exactly what cards you have and how you are going to play. Most importantly you NOT knowing this you determine to go ahead and go “all in”. Is this fair?


I didn’t even get into web browsers, search engines internet cookies and hacking.


Do I post on social media sure do, but I think of this often, I just wanted to make sure others are aware? If you ever have to go to court, buy something or meet someone for the first time and they already have a profile on you, are you okay with that???


The holidays are coming up and as we (I am including me) post some personal and opinionated thoughts also think are we okay with strangers knowing them?


By the way, as an example when I market myself on Facebook they have told me that I can place ads based on words used in posts and even “private messaging”.  As a business owner, it makes sense to utilize all options, but as a consumer I have to be aware that businesses are doing this.


Your thoughts?